1. So my office runs on coffee
  2. We have 4 coffee makers, but usually use only one of them
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    His name is theo and I'm the only one who addresses him by name.
  3. It was recently discovered that I "make the best coffee"
    Theo is a commercial coffee maker that requires so little effort to use that I'd feel comfortable letting a small dog operate it. But I took the praise anyway
  4. But now, everyone waits for me to get in to make the coffee
  5. Do you know how much pressure that is?
  6. I have to make sure I get in on time or earlier every day
    This is something that in the past never happened (it is office culture to be ~15 minutes late each day)
  7. I decided to sleep in today instead of going running and therefore I was late for everything else. My boss called me to ask where I was because people wanted coffee.
  8. I let this go too far and now I don't know how to get my life back.