1. I have a hard time admitting I'm wrong
    But I'm working on it!!!! This is probably the only one I'm working on though
  2. On that note, I no problem telling anyone else when they're wrong
    Just trying to be helpful!!!!
  3. I hate baby talk (even to babies) but actively refer to shrimp as "lil shrimpies"
    Usually in a voice that mimics Ilana's from broad city
  4. Sometimes I don't think the thing you're complaining about is worth opening your mouth for
    I will never care about how the kardashians drama is affecting you.
  5. I'm really not okay with anyone being late, ever.
  6. I get really angry when someone says that they don't vote/say they don't know enough to vote/don't respect that they have the right to vote in the first place
  7. I also get really angry when someone only votes in presidential elections because 99% of the things you hate about politics are because of something that happened on the state or local level that you actively ignored.
  8. When I get obsessed with something, I get upset when no one else likes it at much as I do.
  9. I can get really bitchy if you imply the place that you're from is better
    My mom calls this "Bergen County privilege," and I agree
  10. I judge you for uploading a non-event related selfie to your snapchat story
    Snap chat of a selfie of you with beer at Oktoberfest? Looks fun!! Selfie of you sitting in traffic? 😒😒😒 (Literally my facial expression)