(Not really my last day of work because I'm coming in for an hour tomorrow and will work from home for 3 weeks BUT)
  1. Monitoring who takes what from the box of barely used condiments in the kitchen
    Sean took everything that had salt in it and Kevin took everything Asian, but Anna was the real winner by swooping in early to claim the mostly full coconut oil
  2. Stressing out over the train crash in Hoboken
    That was my train line and the train I used to take into work, and the way tour station is set up means half of the people it picks up go in the first two cars. I'm sure people I know were on it, but I have too much to finish today to spend time on something I can't fix.
  3. Frantically filling out a calendar for the days I'm working remotely
    Surprise!!! As of 3 hours ago, today is actually *not* my last day!!!! 😅😅😅
  4. Frantically filling out leave slips for a month from now
    😅😅😅😅😅😅😅 (I'm getting two extra pay periods so I should not complain)
  5. Crying during speeches at the hole in the wall Thai place we went to for lunch
    Debbie started crying and then I started crying and then Sarah, Kevin, and Andy started crying. Andy is still crying.
  6. Sitting in Lance's cube in a post food coma while he wipes all of my government issued techy things
    Things I don't get to keep: iPad, iPhone (that I used to Instagram on and nothing else) windows laptop, MacBook, external hard drive, and desktop.
  7. Teaching Debbie InDesign
    This was supposed to happen months ago and never did, so surprise!!!! She can officially make a text box, place a photo, and add page to a spread.
  8. Disposing of all of the desk plants I've killed
    Sorry lil guy!! The irony here is that my entire job is advising/instructing on historic landscape care and maintenance ...
  9. Writing press releases for all the preservation briefs we did in the past year so they'll be ready when the rest are published
    Here is Jason with #48 - "Preserving Grave Markers in Historic Cemeteries." I contributed 3 sentences to it and got an author credit, so therefore press releases fall to me.
  10. Try to do something about the state of my desk
    *sighs dramatically*
  11. Pass the ouiji board down to the next set of interns
    I tried to contact the ghost that Iives in our building ... it did not go as planned.
  12. This feels very very very surreal