1. Forsyth park
    This is a photo from this time last year, when my roommate and I decided to drink in Forsyth at 10 am on a Thursday. And you know what? Not only did we, but no one judged us. You could literally do whatever the fuck you wanted there (except, maybe, fire your gun into the air on the Saturday of mlk weekend, ya asshole). It is also one of the most beautiful spaces in the city, which is saying a lot for Savannah.
  2. Foxy Loxy
    I never truly appreciated Fire and Wine until I realized there wasn't anything else like it near by (fire pits in the back, free marshmallows, and all bottles of wine were half price). In addition, I yearn for their tacos, hot spiced wine, and iced chais almost weekly.
  3. Open container
    I don't know why open container isn't a thing everywhere because it makes so much sense. Savannah has ruined me forever because I now get into fights with bouncers when I want to bring my drink outside and can't (not like actual fights but I get very lecture-y even though they can't change anything). Here is a classic drunk white girl photo of me being drunk in the street.
  4. My porch
    UGH MY PORCH. We rented our house (more on that later) because of the porches. It was a glorious porch that was secluded enough that I could read without interruption, but busy enough that people watching was a+. I think porches should be a requirement for all houses.
  5. My house
    Real talk, I have zero idea how we landed this beauty. We had two days left to find a house and I walked past this and saw the sign. Within 90 minutes we had a deposit put down. This house was everything; I'm getting emotional about trying to even just type about it - thankfully one of my roommates still lives here so when I make it back to Sav I can relish in it.
  6. (Alternative photo of my house, because this one truly captures it's essence)
    Pink wine
  7. The nook
    Originally designed as a reading nook. We mostly drank wine, smoked, and crocheted in it. Over time, we added mattresses, pillows, blankets, bean bags, and curtains, but I still don't think anyone ever read in here.
  8. Being able to bike or walk everywhere
    I didn't have to buy a car for four YEARS because everything in Savannah was walking or biking distance (also, it typically takes longer to drive somewhere in Savannah than in does to walk/bike). I've been walking to work for five days in Natchitoches and have already had a couple close calls 😒 (this is just a photo of someone running because I can't take a picture of me biking lol)
  9. Being 20 minutes from the beach
    Tybee is magic. End of story.
  10. Zunzis
    Where "shit yeah" is an acceptable response from all and the food (and more importantly the sauces) are the best part of your day
  11. Jen's and Friend's
    The only place in the world that I'll over pay for a drink. Idk how Jen does it but her drinks are fucking MAGIC. (Lindsey is pictured with her birthday cake martini. It was not her birthday)
  12. SCAD
    Do I miss being in school and getting pimped out to do professional level work entirely for free and without credit? No. Do I miss the people, environment, and constant inspiration of both? Every day. (Here's a picture of me rehanging a window because that is something I am really fucking good at)
  13. Fancy Parkers
    There are no other answers to the best drunk food in Savannah. Even as a New Jerseyan, I feel extremely comfortable saying this place is 100000% better than wawa. Fight me.
  14. The Rail
    Let me ask you this: what bar plays late 90s/early 2000s music and is totally cool with you bringing a drink in a water bottle in? This one. They also do an on point Long Island.
  15. St Paddys Day
    I don't know why more people don't know what a shit show Savannah is on St Paddys but I'm not inclined to tell anyone because I want to keep it for myself. Warm weather + open container + one of the largest parades in the country = the best 4 days you won't remember.