I decided to drive to savannah this weekend for shits, giggles, and alcohol.
  1. "I'm down to get into a fight in Buffalo Wild Wings"
  2. "No that shot is on fire im not taking that" (I took that shot)
  3. "The GA southern frat boy is singing a meatloaf duet by himself at mcdonnaghs. Come here now."
  4. "Why are there attractive men in new balance sneakers. It literally makes them unattractive."
  5. "The guy running karaoke is fucking wasted"
  6. "You were jamming out to goo goo dolls so hard that you knocked my rear view mirror off my car"
  7. "My body feels deeply, deeply betrayed"
  8. "Do you know how many strangers I've called my boyfriend tonight?? Minimum four, because I'm a god dammed psychopath"
  9. "Oh are you okay? Great." (*to lindsey*) "honestly I don't fucking care if they're okay"