For reference, my job title is historic landscape training developer.
  1. My boss' taxes
    I honestly wish this was a joke
  2. Picked my daughters kids up from school and gymnastics
  3. Delivered plants from my boss' house to another coworker's house
  4. Babysat my coworker's husband
    He had eye surgery and needs to face down for a week, so he needs someone to watch him to make sure he doesn't accidentally sit up
  5. Wrote 4 briefs for another department that I have never worked in
  6. Wrote a letter of recommendation for an intern I've never met
  7. Wrote a letter of recommendation for a coworker who has never worked with me on a project
    He's leaving this job to be a teacher because he thinks that will be less work than working for the government????
  8. Booked flights for our entire board and dept heads
    Because they needed to be booked and Mary b calls the airline individually for each flight 😷