Hey now, hey now, this is what dreams are made of
  1. This bed on the cover
    I'm super into really dramatic beds lately, preferably ones with a canopy element. I'm not sure if this is me coping with the wire bed frame in my rental, but it feels like it.
  2. This mug
    Can you drink out of it? Probably not. Is it cute as fuck? Absolutely.
    This is the dream. This is what everyone deserves. Fuck going up and down stairs to the basement wine cellar, I'll take sticking my head under here with the tap running for $800 please.
  4. This copper-plated barware
    I'm a sucker for trends, I'm a sucker for shiny things, and I'm a sucker for alcohol-related things, so I need these in my life.
  5. This house/entry way
    1. Gray shingles will always be a dream of mine, 2. If I hate one thing, it's cheap and tacky looking Christmas decorations and this is definitely not that.
  6. This sofa
    Chesterfield. The only type of sofa that matters.
  7. This chair
    This chair just looks like it's BEGGING someone to read a book in it.
  8. With these blankets
    For when I read my book.
  9. Or these blankets
    These look cozy and warm as fuck. For all of my life, my dad has refused to turn the heat on until my house got below 50 degrees, so there were always a shit ton of cozy and warm blankets around to prevent frostbite.
  10. This bar cart
    Okay so again, I like: trends, shiny things, alcohol related things. ✔️✔️✔️
  11. This entertainment center
    I feel bad calling this an entertainment center because I hate that term, but look at how nice that (probable) wood veneer looks!!
  12. This bathroom
    Everything. This is the stuff I dream about.
  13. The wall in this home office
    I don't really care for the stuff itself, I just mainly strive to be this organized.
  14. These wicker baskets
    I love: baskets, wicker, and hiding away my crazy. These accomplish that.
  15. This living room
    This is my beach house dream because: a. Classy nautical (surprisingly hard to do) b. Wicker c. That view!!