1. The GOP
    You can invoke EXACT science on what a fetus can/cannot feel, but you can't do the same for climate change??? (This is first on the laundry list of issues I have with the GOP, a side effect of my parents brainwashing me into thinking I was a republican until I was 19 and wised the fuck up)
  2. The actions of my hometown mayor
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    Find him in this photo. Yes, it's exactly who you think it is. The other side of that tattoo says "Mayor" in that awful script font you can find only in tattoo parlors.
  3. The water stain on my favorite leather bag
    I know it's never going to come out and I should accept it BUT I JUST CANT
  4. The price of housing in NYC/Bergen & Hudson Counties
    I will either need to change professional fields, marry someone who works in finance, or live with my parents forever
  5. All of the homeless puppies and dogs
  6. Why I still read Cupcakes & Cashmere
    I don't like Emily anymore (I think she is annoying and pretentious), I dislike most of the outfits she posts (and could never afford any of them. Ps what happened to spend or splurge? RIP), her copy is so bad it makes me want to rip my hair out, I was deeply disappointed by her clothing line (why didn't you make anything above a size 8? Right because you're you), and I pretty much only read it for the links I love and pictures of Sloan.