Do normal men exist in Louisiana? Based on this and prior experiences, I'm going to go with no.
  1. "I didn't think you'd be this tall. Not that you're too tall, but you're very tall. It's not a problem, you're just very tall."
    FYI I'm 5'8", so not reaaaaaallllllyyyyy that tall
  2. "You smell really nice too, like my sister. She always smells great"
    This was weird
  3. "I think the north is better at being racist than the south"
    This had zero context
  4. *orders steak at a Japanese restaurant* "fuck WHO I'll show them that you can eat red meat and not get cancer"
    Also said with no context
  5. "So your job sound like something only smart people can do."
    .... Thanks? I guess?
  6. "Actually, it's funny that you mention this Friday, because I'm actually being deployed to Afghanistan for 7 months this Friday"
    Something you may have wanted to mention before you asked me out
  7. "No I don't think I'm going to watch making a murderer because I can just tell that he did it."
    This was supposed to be a neutral topic!!!!
  8. "So that's your third glass of wine"
    Your point??
  9. "So since I'm leaving Friday, any chance you'll sleep with me?"
    Said after I literally laughed out of awkwardness when he tried to kiss me. Last ditch effort?? And obviously, since I am currently writing this list, I definitely took a hard pass on this.