1. I got my first intern today
  2. Her name is Hannah and she goes to the performing arts high school across the street
  3. It's a state run boarding school, so she had to "work" for three hours a week. So she "works" for me
    I'm using work loosely because she has zero useful skills and zero interest in historic landscape preservation
  4. So this is what she did today:
  5. Decorated the office tree
    Yes, this tree has an extra bottom on the bottom. I tried to tell Mary, the secretary, about it four times, but she INSISTS that this is how it is supplied to look.
  6. She put this on the counter
  7. And is now weaving this up the staircase
  8. So if anyone has any fun ideas for what to do with her in the future PLEASE let me know
    It's exhausting having responsibility