I grew up in an animal-ambivalent family. That's to say, they didn't like pets very much. It's been a difficult journey. 🐰
  1. The mother cat who got lost with her kittens at our stairwell. 🐱
    Age 3/4. I heard mewing one morning, and followed the sound till we discovered an adorable litter of furry strays. The mother was nowhere to be seen. I bugged my mum to allow me to bring one kitten home with me. She said yes until the mother cat showed up looking grumpy as fuck, and hissed *my* mum into making her kitten return her kitten. So I owned a kitten for like 3 hours, once.
  2. The goldfish named Scales. 🐠
    Age 7/8. I brought home a goldfish in a small tank. I cared for it, fed it, changed its water, played with it (pretty one-sided, this one) and then it died one day. I still don't know why.
  3. The hamster named Beauty. 🐹
    Age 11. It's the heydays of the 90s. Bunnies, hamsters and Guinea pigs are everywhere. I make friends with an animal-loving girl at school. I play with her hamsters and marvel at their enormous balls until I convince my parents to allow me to have one of my own. I call mine Beauty. She runs around my room, nibbling at everything. The animal-loving friend convinces me to give Beauty up to her own harem of hamsters. Pressured by my parents' increasing disapproval, I stupidly said yes.