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I'm a sleepy person with a lot of homework to do. 🙃
  1. Does anyone have better suggestions for staying awake than just coffee and loud music?
    Because that's all I got and it's not doing it anymore.
Inspired by Dodie's most recent Instagram post. It really resonated with me.
  1. The second my eyes open in the morning, I begin swimming.
  2. I'm desperately trying to stay afloat in a bottomless pool of anxiety and chronic sadness and I don't think I'm strong enough to... get out? Keep swimming?? It feels like I'll never not be here.
  3. Those who promise to pull me out never can
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  1. Let's just take a second and breathe.
  1. When I use good smelling soap in the shower.
  2. When my arms are raised in worship.
  3. When I am lying on the floor in awe of God.
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  1. The GBC listers are back at it again!
I don't think any one person really knows the following things about me except for maybe my mom but if you make it through this whole list I guess we're best friends or something?
  1. I hate milk.
    It is the most disgusting thing on the planet and it makes me barf. I am not lactose intolerant. I just hATE MILK. If I have cereal I will use barely any milk.
  2. I have big feet.
    I have women's size 11 feet. A lot of times I'll just shop men's shoes. Mostly because I prefer the style but also because some places don't even carry 11's. RIP. first world problems.
  3. I'm the messiest person ever.
    Just messy. Not gross. It's not that my living conditions are "unclean" they're just... covered... in.... stuff.
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  1. He's just being so cute right now
  2. I can't
  3. AH
    He is never ever this chill ever 😭
  4. What a babe
feat. my messy bathroom
  1. I decided to go back and cut more off my undercut.
  2. It's a look I guess.
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Only a lil bit.
  1. When I can't figure out what to do with my hair.
    Not mad, just disappointed.
  2. The sound the chip reader makes when it's time to remove your card.
    I'm mad about it. But not MAD about it.
  3. When your seatbelt is hot when you get in the car during the summer.
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This is the year this mess turns around. I can't feel it. (Posting early because the next few days are chaos and I just KNOW I'm going to forget)
  1. Read through the entire Bible and journal it
    I wanted to do these thing separately but then I remembered that I have a Journaling Bible and can do then at the same time! I'm excited to read through the whole Bible. I'm ashamed that this is something I haven't done yet.
  2. Write more
    I always feel better when I take more time to write poetry. So I'm going to do that.
  3. Find a camp to work at over the summer!
    After my mission trip to Tennessee, all I have wanted to do was mentor kids and teach kids about Jesus. I already have a good connection at a camp nearby so I'm praying that that works out!! (Maybe I'll even be able to lead worship??)
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