He's truly just a sweetie who loves sweet tea. (And one of my most quotable friends) 💛
  1. "Mmmm.... consent."
  2. *picks up raw spaghetti* "Just a little something to take the edge off."
  3. @ me: "Oh, you're an introvert? That's why you don't have any friends!"
    This was literally right after we started hanging out.
  4. "Guys my elbow still hurts real bad."
    Update: as of late November his elbow STILL hurts. Pray for Ben, 2k16.
  5. Me: "You've never even met my mom!" Ben: "Your mom snapchatted me!!"
    (He has met her now)
  6. "There's one person smiling. That's me."
  7. Static
  8. "I smell freaking amazing."
  9. "Is it ok that I wore this sweater vest two days in a row?"
  10. "No. Save butts for marriage."
  11. "Guard your hearts!!"
  12. *in the most passive aggressive way possible* "Give it to me.. I don't want it to be too much Work for you."
  13. *to a dog* "Yo shawty what your name is?"
  14. This isn't something Ben said but while Ben was having a coughing fit a girl at our table said he had a "fairy cough"
    It's not wrong.
  15. "Adam sleeps on top of me. Whenever I want to know if he's still in bed I just check if his bulge is there."
  16. @ me: "I wouldn't be surprised if I had asked you to lay in my bed."
  17. "We're good we're good we're good we're goo- sorry sometimes I get stuck in a loop."
  18. "I'll just put this pole between my legs."
  19. "Adam's butt cheek is.... never mind."
  20. "I like to date my lists... not DATE but date."
  21. Non-alcoholic cheers to you, Ben. Love ya. 💛
    ps go follow @bwlange 😊
  22. "Everyone looks different in the dark."
  23. ‪"Guys..... what.... would you do....... if you had...... 5 hours of unlimited everything."
  24. "Fun story"
    This is something both @bwlange and I say but 99% of the time it is followed by a story that is definitely everything but "fun".