Inspired by @bwlange and @Heartsounds
  1. Take a day off
    One day a week I blow off every responsibility I have and chill out to the extreme. It keeps me sane and happy.
  2. Pray / Read my Bible
    My favorite way to pray is alone in my car like God is sitting next to me. Talking to Him like I'd talk to my earthly dad brings me a lot of peace and I feel more honest and sincere in my prayers when I do that.
  3. Spend time with my friends
    Who doesn't? I was thinking about it the other day and I realized that somehow I have all these people on campus that I care so much about and two months ago I didn't even know their names!
  4. Hold someone's hand
    One symptom of my anxiety is that I get super shaky and I definitely do not want to be alone. Sometimes, in that scenario, holding someone's hand is even better than a hug. It's a small gesture but it makes things better. It kind of holds my world together.
  5. Play some music
    I really miss playing piano. A lot. But for now, one of the best things I can do to relieve stress is to uke in my apartment and spit some TØP fire the best I can.
  6. Dance
    To literally anything. I love dancing and I suck at it but that's ok.
  7. Watch The Office
    It's impossible to be sad when you watch The Office.
  8. Give someone a gift
    I love giving gifts. I love planning surprises. I love learning little things about people and using that information to give them something super cool.
  9. Cry
    Tbh I've had more emotional breakdowns in the hallway of my apartment building than I'd like to admit but by golly they make the morning brighter.
  10. Take off my makeup
    As much as I enjoy doing my makeup I really do just like my naked face. Also I like being able to rub my eyes.
  11. Take out my contacts
    Every time I wear contacts the only thing I look forward to is taking them out.
  12. Hammock
    I haven't hammocked in so long and this is perfect weather to fill my Grand Trunk with pillows and blankets and go chill in the trees. Maybe this weekend.