1. When I use good smelling soap in the shower.
  2. When my arms are raised in worship.
  3. When I am lying on the floor in awe of God.
  4. When I am leading worship.
  5. When I am carrying and setting up my drums and musical equipment.
  6. When I am holding someone close.
  7. When I am praying over someone.
  8. When someone is praying over me.
  9. When I am reunited with those I love and I can hug them for the first time in a long time.
  10. When I'm kayaking.
  11. When I'm holding a small animal or child.
  12. When I am hiking.
  13. When I am learning something new.
  14. When I think about how many things my body has gone through.
    My body has traveled to a lot of different places. I have experienced tremendous joy and absolute heartbreak and yet I'm here. I live my life in a constant state of nervousness and I am HERE because of God and the strength He provides me. All bodies are miracles ya know?