I don't think any one person really knows the following things about me except for maybe my mom but if you make it through this whole list I guess we're best friends or something?
  1. I hate milk.
    It is the most disgusting thing on the planet and it makes me barf. I am not lactose intolerant. I just hATE MILK. If I have cereal I will use barely any milk.
  2. I have big feet.
    I have women's size 11 feet. A lot of times I'll just shop men's shoes. Mostly because I prefer the style but also because some places don't even carry 11's. RIP. first world problems.
  3. I'm the messiest person ever.
    Just messy. Not gross. It's not that my living conditions are "unclean" they're just... covered... in.... stuff.
  4. I write poetry.
    Less now that I'm in college but I have notebooks upon notebooks of poetry. I don't write rhyming stuff.. think slam poetry. I have no desire to share any of it ever because it's just so embARRASSING.
  5. I suck at alphabetizing things.
    I have to sing the alphabet song every time. Sue me.
  6. My favorite movie is Silence of the Lambs.
    I don't know what that says about me but Clarice inspires me and I love the suspense and it's just my favorite ok I know it's gross I don't watch it very often because of that.
  7. I have a HUGE collection of vinyl.
    Like boxes and boxes and boxes. It's a problem. They take up a whole corner of my room.
  8. I wear very simple jewelry and almost exclusively jewelry with a gold finish.
    Most days I just have my helix and my nose piercing and the necklace I got for Christmas my freshman year of high school.
  9. The first CD I ever bought was a Jimmy Eat World album.
  10. I was (and still am) a huge theatre geek.
    I just love it. So much. I miss acting. I actually won a lot of awards my senior year for theatre. I feel like I'm in hiding though because I haven't found anyone at GBC who appreciates my obsession with Hamilton or Little Shop of Horrors or Newsies yet.
  11. I actually really didn't like The Beatles when I first listened to them.
    But now they're my favorite. Again: 🤷🏻‍♀️
  12. I'm a dog person.
    Don't tell my cat.
  13. I have an obnoxiously low singing voice. Maybe it's not super low. Idk. I'm self conscience.
    It also doesn't have a lot of power behind it so I am perfectly made to be an indie little poop but I so badly want to sing punk. 😭😭😭
  14. I am an anti-prep/anti-trend jerk.
    But I was just informed by my friend, @bvanhuis , that I am the most basic person alive. RIP.
  15. I'm the most physically affectionate person alive.
    I hold your hand because you're my friend. It's not that deep.