Hey so this list is kinda sad and heavy so if you don't need that right now probably don't read this. Sorry for the negativity lately.. I just really appreciate how caring people are here and how much people seem to understand. 💛
  1. I don't want to sound like a spoiled millennial.
    But I'm afraid it'll come out that way.
  2. Since I've started college, my mental health has been a roller coaster of ups and downs.
    Generally I've been alright.
  3. But recently, I've been way more down than up.
    And I'm sure a lot of you understand when I say that I can feel myself falling back into routine and becoming way more introverted than I have been recently.
  4. The thing is - everyone in college is stressed.
    And all these feelings are valid.
  5. It's hard to discern whether I need to see a doctor or whether this is "normal".
    A new normal but "normal" nonetheless.
  6. I even tried to tell my parents about it but they chuckled and said "that's college for ya!"
    Like... guys.... hey.... halp.
  7. I know that I'm not that ok but how do I communicate that without sounding like a cliche college student?
  8. Why do we tell students that depression and anxiety are "normal"? I don't think that's something we should be ok with.
  9. So anyway. I think I'm going to call the doctor and I encourage any other students who feel this way to do the same. Your feelings don't need to be validated by anyone.
  10. You're strong and you can do this.
    I'm rooting for you. 💛💛