Because we all need some peace at a time like this.
  1. Listening to The Beatles on vinyl
    Some of my favorite lyrics of all time are from Dear Prudence.. "The sun is up, the sky is blue, it's beautiful, and so are you". Hearing them in the midst of popping vinyl is soothing.
  2. Watching Good Mythical Morning
    Always positive. Always funny. Always helps me escape.
  3. Playing my uke
    Favorite thing forever and ever.
  4. Listening to Hamilton
    Whether I want to get pumped, cry, or chill out - this soundtrack delivers.
  5. Watching Across the Universe
    I freaking love this movie and the music in it. 10/10
  6. Spending time with good friends
    What else are friends for ya know?
  7. Calling up old friends
    As glad as I am to be out of my small town for a bit, I wish I could've taken all my pals with me.