Because my taste in music is something I developed at a young age.
  1. Adventures in Odyssey
    Way to start off this list without music right? I listened to this radio show on CD every night while I was going to sleep. It's still one of my favorite things and makes me all misty eyed in the best way when I listen to it. I guarantee you that my name is still on the check out cards on these movies in my church library. (Also I can't find a gif for this which makes me so sad)
  2. The Little Drummer Boy
    I don't know who does this version but there's a version of this song that starts with creepy, low voices and the melody is sung by vibrato heavy, soprano voices and it's just so CREEPY and I was scarred as a child. This is still my least favorite Christmas carol. And I play drums. So that says a lot.
  3. School House Rock
    We had a box set of all of these and I would watch them for HOURS on Saturday morning. They're the best and I've never met anyone who doesn't adore these songs. My favorite one was the one about women's suffrage if that tells you anything about who I was as a child.
  4. Rock and/or Roll
    I touched on this in a past list but I really was raised on rock. Some of my best childhood memories are in the car with my dad with Led Zeppelin//AC/DC//or The Who blaring as we go to the hardware store or to the woods to set up a tree stand.
  5. Hymns
    I grew up in a church that was straight up organ, piano, and hymnal. That's it. No more. No less. And while it was boring as a kid, hymns hold a special place in my heart.
  6. Silly Songs With Larry
    Because I lived that church kid LIFE, man! Where is my hairbrush? Who knows! Everybody's got a water buffalo?? Not me man!! God is bigger than the boogeyman? YOU BET HE IS!
  7. Theme song to 321 Penguins
    "Let's sing a little song, with eight little words, about a rocket ship, and flightless birrrdddddssss...."
  8. The Clock Song from The Big Comfy Couch
    Looking it up now, it's weird. It's really weird. But my friend's mom would babysit me everyday and we would watch this show before we took a nap and we would make a nest of pillows and blankets with his golden retrievers and it's one of my happiest memories.
    The most lit theme song of my generation. I would wake up at 3 am and watch reruns of this on PBS.
  10. Esther's Song from Veggie Tales
    As a child I thought that Esther had a set of pipes and I strived to sing as well as her.
  11. This list could go on a for a while... maybe I'll make a part two someday??