To me, happiness is...

  1. Looking at David Beckham. (Bonus points if he's in his underwear)
  2. A really good tune at just the right moment.
  3. A really good action movie or comedy.
  4. Fishing...but I must admit by "fishing" I mean actually having success.
  5. A beautiful sunset.
  6. Finding humor in almost everything.
  7. My kids who are not only smart, funny and kind....they have a mastery of sarcasm that proves I'm raising them right.
  8. A really good meal with good company.
  9. Being on the beach and relaxing.
  10. A lazy day where I can sleep in and wear comfy clothes all day and have no responsibility. (So basically, 2099)
  11. Dancing without a thought of how you look.
  12. Realizing that age is just a number...I don't want to break a hip at 90 by falling in the tub, if it happens I want to do it zip lining or something like that.
  13. Biggest happiness is that I survived cancer as a single, self-employed Mom and we rocked it with humor and love. Every single day is pretty darn cool.