My Recent Tinder Dates and How They Smelled

  1. Keller, 33
    apparently washes his hair with this Grandpa brand bar soap. Smelled like a campfire but in a sort of hot way. Terrible breath but I think it was just the cigarettes and lack of water. Willing to revisit to find out.
  2. Brian, 29
    Cigarettes and sadness, mostly. His sweat smelled sweet. Generally not attracted to his scent
  3. Chris, 40
    Copper necklace. Vaguely sweaty. We actually met in a bar like non-millienals, but I'm counting it because his body odor is like, totally fucking intoxicating. Breath is never bad, hair always smells the exact right amount of clean.
  4. Nate, 30
    laundry detergent. but he really wasn't into me when we met, so I couldn't gauge much outside of the fact that he was wearing clean clothes. I think the closest we got was about 2 feet