The Doctor. Time Lord from Gallifrey. With 13 bodies to date (all boys for now, but The Doctor will eventually be a female) and Series 9 debuting, I'm going to rank 'em. **Warning - The opinions below are my own and I shall defend them but yours are valid too and I love that we both love this show and yay**
  1. 13) The War Doctor
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    Why last place for John Hurt? Don't get me wrong - I love the character, the idea and the 50th special. But with just the 1 TV story and 1 excellent tie-in book, he has to go here by default due to lack of material. Sorry Warrie :(
  2. 12) 6th Doctor
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    Colin Baker isn't on List, right? Because I know he finds rankings hurtful and him being at the bottom more hurtful. I like Six. I like a lot of the TV stories. His audio adventures are even better. But he has to go here since his initial presentation was so unlikable (choking his companion and all), it turned many Whovians off and spelled doom for the Classic series. But watch Vengeance on Varos - great sci-fi!!
  3. 11) 12th Doctor
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    Whoa. If I was hoping for a relist from BBCA, that ain't happening now. Why so low for the current Doctor? Capaldi is a true Whovian, a die-hard fan as anyone. He's a stupendous actor. Unfortunately, I felt last season's episodes were generally really bad and his character was handled just like 6 - unlikable. Anecdotally, many casual or new Series fans I've talked to over this past year got turned off by last season. Hopefully this new season turns things around in a big way.
  4. 10) 8th Doctor
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    This hurts me more than it hurts you, Paul McGann. The TV movie from 1996 is not good. But there's a certain point when watching it nowadays that it flips all the way around and you appreciate it for its mid-90s-ness. He still only has the 1 TV movie (and 1 webisode), so he goes here. His audio adventures are worth getting into Big Finish and are superb, but they don't count for these rankings.
  5. 9) 7th Doctor aka the Professor
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    I like the 7th Doctor. He has a joy that I like in my Doctors. Plus, some of his stories are my faves of Classic Who. But when you're the last Doctor before the show gets cancelled, you have to end up here. I also must add that he and Ace are about as classic of a Doctor/Companion duo as you can get.
  6. 8) 1st Doctor
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    If I could, the next 3 would be a 3-way tie. Without the 1st Doctor, there is no 50th Anniversary. But being the 1st means there are mistakes and some figuring out along the way. He's just grumpy a lot. You can go back pretty far into Classic Who and still enjoy it in our modern era, but some of Hartnell's early stories are really dull and hard to sit through, reserved only for the die-hards.
  7. 7) 5th Doctor
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    I really like 5. I can't imagine the pressure of coming off of Tom Baker's run. But Davison didn't look nervous, ever. He had a joy in every step he took, even when facing trouble. Of course this was also John Nathan-Turner's beginnings as Producer and things weren't always perfect. But 5 also lands here because he's at the helm for some of my fave stories ("Kinda", "Snakedance," "Enlightenment", "Caves of Androzanni") and he has my second favorite version of the theme. And a cool hat.
  8. 6) 9th Doctor
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    My Doctor. I feel "Rose," his first TV story and the first episode upon the show's return in 2005, is pretty perfect for an introduction to the show and franchise. It should be studied in every TV pilot class. I resisted Doctor Who for a lot of my life, but 9 sucked me in. He's here due to his short tenure, but he is almost as important as the 1st Doctor. Without Christopher Eccleston, there is no "NuWho."
  9. 5) 2nd Doctor
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    So many great stories for the 2nd Doctor, who benefitted from a production that learned from most of its mistakes during Hartnell's run. Lots of great true sci-fi stories in this era, and this 2nd Doctor had a distinct point-of-view, different from the 1st. He's also here because this Doctor established regeneration - the narrative device that allows us to enjoy new episodes when the lead actor decides to leave. Also his "War Games" story is one of the best Who stories, ever.
  10. 4) 11th Doctor
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    I like Matt Smith. He was great with fans, young and old alike, really grew into the role, and is arguably the Doctor who enjoyed the worldwide popularity the most. He made it to the cover of EW! He's only here because I love the Top 3 more, and the stories he was given gradually declined in quality.
  11. 3) 4th Doctor
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    It's almost cliche to gush about the 4th Doctor and Tom Baker. But he is the definition of the Doctor, particularly for US fans, as he was the only Doctor we got to see for quite awhile here in the '80s. Even in his terrible stories, Tom makes the adventure super fun. His run on the show is still the longest and many people's favorite Doc.
  12. 2) 3rd Doctor
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    This is not a popular choice, I know. For some, the 3rd Doctor is such a jerk that they can barely watch him. I find it hilarious. While clearly embracing the Bond-fever of the time, Pertwee exemplifies the alien-ness I think they're trying to do with Capaldi. The way he moves into a room is confident, his sarcastic responses are expertly delivered & he does care for these humans, even when he pretends he doesn't. He had a family on Earth (UNIT, Jo, Liz) & his Doctor enjoyed being a Time Lord.
  13. 1) 10th Doctor
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    I'm not sure 10 will ever be topped. For me, Tennant embodied all the other Doctors - angry, silly, fun, depressed, quirky, kind - and added his own sense of humor and joy. Most of the best stories involve RTD & the 10th Doctor (Moffat too) & you really felt like he was enjoying himself. 10 appeals to all ages, genders & fan types (there are few who don't like him) & only his era is now airing on Disney XD! Series 4 is still a perfect Series/Season for me, in large part due to 10.