I enjoy a good reaction GIF like anyone else. But I can't make 'em myself. So here's my GIF wishlist if you happen to be bored this weekend. I cannot pay you in money, but I will say "thank you" and use them for years
  1. Paris Hilton when she guest-started on "Veronica Mars"
    Really any GIF will do, but I think the most useful is her scene where she says "you know nothing, Veronica Mars." It might be handy for Game of Thrones-related chats or commenting on political threads on Facebook.
  2. Anything featuring Paul Anka
    Either the singer or the dog from "Gilmore Girls." (PS: Whichever one you were thinking of first says a lot about you) (PPS: I initially remembered the dog's name as being Burt Bacharach, so I'll take GIF's with him too)
  3. The waving snail from "Adventure Time"
    Great for just randomly joining a thread or conversation to simply say "hi."
  4. Anytime the ghost from "Ghost Writer" swooshes out from its hiding place.
    Does anyone else remember this show? I was so excited for it as a lad - it had everything: 1) Ghosts. 2) Mysteries. 3) Writing and writers. 4) Catchy theme song
  5. The time on "Salute Your Shorts" when the 2 bullies didn't trust each other.
    The oft-quoted line between me and my younger brother was "1, 2, 3 sleep!" And yet they remained awake.
  6. Anything Ben Affleck making a face
  7. Any thing (living or inanimate) that is called a word that starts with a hard "G" sound, mouthing the words "Hard G"
    For instance, a giraffe, or the Galapagos Islands, or any Georges simply saying "hard g." So that I can continue to explain, despite what the inventor incorrectly said, it's pronounced "Gihf," and not "Jihf." Dammit all.