As suggested by @trina. I thought my whole bookshelf had just 1 answer ("time") but it turns out that some of these have a story.
  1. I bought this before Oryx and Crake and I must read things in the order the author intended. (I finished Oryx a few months back, so this is bumped up in the queue)
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  2. I accidentally bought 2 of these Issue #1's, but so much time has passed, I can't return em. So now I feel silly. This represents that feeling.
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  3. I want to first intensely read "Hamlet" so that I get all the inevitable jokes herewithin.
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  4. I bought this to impress a girl. She ended up dumping me and going back to her ex.
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  5. The List won't let me add more pics, so there will be a part 2...