Pretty much all true
  1. Got coffee
  2. Did laundry
  3. Bought new pants
  4. Cleaned my floors
  5. Took a walk
  6. Took a nap
  7. Cleaned my "downloads" folder
  8. Made sure I really still needed all my bookmarks (I checked each browser)
  9. Created ringtones out of the "Lost In Space" theme (3rd season version) AND Jason King ('70s UK show)
  10. Thought about what occurred before the Big Bang
  11. Recorded and posted a podcast, then sent an email to tech support since I'm having issues
  12. Napped (again)
  13. Test-drove my new high-water-count contact lenses (thumbs up)
  14. Edited said podcast since I repeated myself
  15. Did laundry
  16. Checked the List App