As requested by @trina
  1. Coffee
    Cliche, yes. But it's either this or I sleep 20 hours per day.
  2. Sleep
    Piggybacking off #1. Sure I'd love for shit to go down like on that X-Files episode where those military guys were altering reality and such. But I think they all died and I like sleeping, so...
  3. My books
    I am not leaving this Earth until I read all the ones I've bought... Which means I will be living until I'm 238 years old.
  4. Cake
    Look, too much sugar is not good for you. High blood pressure and diabetes exist in my family. But damn - cake is delish. Pie or chocolate squares are OK if cake is unavail.
  5. Clothing
    I barely can look at myself without em on. No one wants to see that. I guess in theory I wouldn't die if I didn't have any clothing, but I can't exactly walk into a Starbucks or sit in my car seat on a hot day whilst in my birthday suit, now can I?