Not all things should be rebooted. Leave "MacGyver" alone. "Heroes" had its chance. "Blossom" won't work nowadays (OK, that one's not real). But these? These have all earned a fresh start.
  1. Out of this World
    What if your parent was an alien in a little prism in your room? Also - great theme song.
  2. Greatest American Hero
    This may even already be happening. Why isn't this happening? The suit can get PASSED on - it's in the show DNA!
  3. Baywatch Nights
    'X-Files on the beach' had so much potential.
  4. Small Wonder
    It's probably been mentioned before, and maybe "Humans" already covered this ground (albeit non-humorously), but a comedy about a robot sister is BEGGING to be done!
  5. Adventures of Briscoe County Jr OR Jack of All Trades
    I know we're getting more Groovy Bruce soon, but you can't have too much (he'd have to star in these reboots, btw).
  6. Vampire: Masquerade
    Very underrated. I think we've come full circle on vamps already. Let's bring all the vampire types back together to play political games, Game of Thrones-style. And suck blood.
  7. Quantum Leap
    Possibly where I lose you on this list but HEAR me out, Betas! The effects from the old show don't hold up that well and in our day and age, it might behoove us to view life through other people's eyes again - quite literally. That and being able to say "oh boy" as a catch phrase around the office.