This is a long ass list. And there was even more crushes in high school but these were the "big" crushes.
  1. Kindergarten and 1st grade.
    I had the biggest crush on Ryan. And back then I had never even said one word to him.
  2. 2nd grade.
    Izzac was my first "boyfriend " and he called me his girlfriend......and then I had to change schools. Typical.
  3. 3rd grade.
    Christian was my cousins best friend and he was adorable. My cousin still doesn't know that I had a crush on him. And now he is having a baby with a different girl named Ashley. How weird.
  4. 6th and 7th grade.
    Her name was Brittany and she was my best friend. We had been best friends since the 4th grade. But As we got older I was starting to like her more than a friend. we held hands and flirted with each other all the time but she always had boyfriends. Our friendship always came first. And it never became more than just a crush for me. Our friendship lasted up until high school.
  5. 8th grade
    Connor was my cousins friend and we became boyfriend and girlfriend. We lasted 10 months then high school happened. Did I mention we lived an hour away from each other. We were such foolish kids back then.
  6. In the eighth grade I also met the love of my life. Although I did not realize it right then and there and it would take me seven more years until I did finally realize. More on that later.
  7. 9th grade.
    I liked this guy who was a grade ahead of me. I even asked him to Sadie Hawkins.....he told me he didn't see me that way. Only as a friend.
  8. The summer time.
    Jessie was my best friends ex boyfriend. We were doomed from the start. We thought summer "love" would last forever. Then reality hit.
  9. 10th grade through two years after high school.
    I was in a five year relationship with an ideal guy. We were practically high school sweethearts and thought we would end up getting married. Then we moved in together. Let's just say I had NO idea what being IN love was really like. Don't get me wrong I did grow to love him but I wasn't IN love with him. We are now still really good friends.
  10. Present day.
    After all those people I have finally found the one. My best friend. Ben. We meet in shop class in the 8th grade and the first thing I thought when I meet him? "Oh shit". I kept my feelings to myself. Repressed them even. But let's be honest we were never really JUST friends. There was always something there. And it only took us seven years to figure it out.