I'm an only child so bare with me.
  1. Chicken soup
    My grandma would make this all the time in fall and winter. I still love her soup till this day.
  2. Lemon and honey
    I hated telling grandma I was sick. She's get a spoon full of honey, squeeze lemon juice on it then I'd have to swallow it. I honestly don't know if it worked
  3. Persimmon cookies
    I hated the persimmon part but I'd always eat the cookie to make grandma happy
  4. Spaghetti. With NO sauce
    Just the noodles. Butter and salt. That's how I still eat spaghetti till this day.
  5. Dirt
    Yes dirt. I used to fall off my bike all the time as a kid. Or I'd just fall while walking.
  6. Captain crunch
    Whenever my parents could afford it they'd get me this delicious sugary cereal. Iy wasn't very often. That made it even more special to me.