I have 409 Screenshots on my Phone.

Here's a small selection of those.
  1. "The only straight I am is straight up bitch." Taken for and sent to my dearest Rodney.
  2. When you have a producing success and all the boys fall for you.
  3. Venice Brúsi. A mild obsession.
  4. "Answer." I told Bane she was getting snippy with me and she asked for an example.
  5. Davíð finds the vanity within location scouting.
  6. SB Chicks liked a picture on my 54 year old mother but it's cool because I like it too.
  7. A cute pic of me and my Sound Boy Wonder, Nick, somewhere in VA.
  8. Moviemaking is a DJ hotboxing in a Nixon mask.
  9. Because I identify. Sent to BKM.