new year, new things I tried:

  1. Bingsoo @ Cafe Mocha (01/10/17)
    have always wanted to try this and i would say expectations were met. only problem is the ice is missing flavor, but at least the oreos make up for it. side note: tastes better melted. Niraj: "7.7/10"
  2. chicken fajita @ Jou Jou (01/11/17)
    lololl i love this girl we are going to a hockey game and this place is pretty good. chasing w chicken fajita and tuna melts <333
  3. first hockey game (01/11/17)
    islanders vs panthers - when me and lene woke up yesterday we didnt know we would have a suite to a hockey game that night or anything else that followed afterwards. thanks to my bro for one of the worst and greatest nights ever??
  4. potato corner @ gsp (02/04/17)
    chilli bbq and cheddar. u wont regret it.
  5. whiskey sours (03/09/17)
  6. saint pattys in the city (03/17/17)
  7. Panna II (05/23/17)
    awesome decor, mediocre food