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  1. Egg making
  2. Rewearing running shorts till their absolutely dirtiest
  3. Sleeping anywhere any time
  4. Leaving shoes allllllll over the apartment for other people to trip over
  1. Various Bank apps
  2. Neglected bumble
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  1. Good leftovers (homemade or take out)
  2. Productivity
  3. A great run
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  1. Salad is better dry
  2. Vanilla soymilk>skim milk>2%
  3. (Certain) cats> (certain) dogs
  1. Predawn darkness
  2. An appetite for color/starved for color
  3. The biggest wallets pay for the most blinding lights
  4. Hood scholar
  1. Words are hard
  2. Lubricants??? Yes-for your car
  3. No bueno
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  1. A local celebrity might touch your butt!
  2. I'm definitely more of a dumpling than a woman
  3. I'm not tony ravioli
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  1. Nearsighted and farsighted
  2. If mutually exclusive means unable to be together or apart
  3. Indica and sativa
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  1. Sometimes you have to tune everyone else's opinion out and do what feels right, even if it's a huge mistake
  2. Play it cool, even if you're not
  3. Sometimes silence is better than your favorite song
  1. Microwaving something for the perfect amount of time on the first try
  2. Funny tip jar signs
  3. When I call my mom and she answers in a funny voice
  4. New crush butterflys