From Kill Devil Hills to Waves, NC.
  1. The Wright Stuff
    This homeowner is equally influenced by the Wright Brothers (to whom there is a great memorial in Kill Devil Hills) and NKOTB.
  2. Weekend at Bernie's (and Bernice's)
    I'm so glad Bernie and Bernice found each other. And by "weekend" they mean "7 night minimum."
  3. Beachlandia
    Like Portlandia, only beachier.
  4. Forever in Blue Jeans
    As a Brooklyite, this tribute to Neil made me feel right at home.
  5. Little Winesteins
    I wish I were making this up.
  6. Even Keel Tarheels
    You knew that was coming.
  7. The Vroom Vroom Room
    Come on, people, this is a family vacation. In their defense, the house abuts a defunct race car track, so they get points for keeping with the theme. But still.