1. Smoking weed
    Alone or with 1 other person and not talking to each other but just surfing random shit on internet and sharing it on Facebook.
  2. Road trips with a car
    Me, driving alone with loud music and singing to it or with some great people
  3. Doing randomly spontaneous things
    Just executing random ideas without even thinking about it, preferably with someone else.
  4. Harvesting mushrooms with dad
  5. Sunny days
    If I got plans
  6. Rainy days
    If I got nowhere to be
  7. Animals
    Playing with my cat as he purrs and rolls all over the place
  8. Seeing people doing good things to each other
  9. Eating cake
  10. Working out
    In an empty gym
  11. Making lists
  12. Being alone
  13. Remembering an old (good) memory that i hadnt remembered for years