less domestic political bullshit, more serious consequences for migration and international policy. good 'zoom out' reminder from @bjnovak.
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    Saudi Arabia
    wish I had updated my OS to give King Salman a middle finger πŸ‘‹πŸ½
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    same to you, Sheikh Sabah
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    Sheikh Tamim
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    Sheikh Hamad. Monarchies suck.
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    These Persian Gulf states didn't participate in the 1951 UN Treaty on Refugees
    Participating nations agreed through the treaty to provide refuge or asylum in situations like this. Thus, the Gulf nations aren't legally obligated to help, and have been shamefully inactive to help those who share their language and region. The only exception now is the United Arab Emirates, which has taken in over 250,000 refugees. (CNN)
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    Updates on European countries changing their border policies:
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    There was an intense, immediate decision to close the borders right after the attacks. On 11/18, Hollande announced re-commitment to accept migrants and refugees, welcoming 30,000 over the next two years πŸ’œ(ABC News 11/18 8:02AM)
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    Sweden: temporary / at capacity
    Nuanced situation: More than 100,000 asylum seekers in Sweden this year alone. Relative to population size, this means that Sweden has taken in more refugees than any other EU country. πŸ’œThey've run out of housing and are converting stadiums into makeshift housing before winter hits. The migrant communities have become isolated ghettos, essentially, and the anti-immigrant Sweden Democrat party has grown in this traditionally homogenous country - so for now, the borders are closed. (Telegraph)
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    Why I'm calling out people for their shitty stances on refugees:
    of course, Syrian refugees deserve our deepest compassion for facing some of the most horrific threats and violence (un)known to man. but also, remember that ISIS wants us to fear and hate refugees. ISIS hates the refugees for fleeing, for not giving into their terrorism. when nations treat refugees poorly, they're aiding in punishing a tormented population. our compassion can and should make us different.