Inspired by @shanaz. My parents are Pakistani and immigrated to the U.S. 30 years ago 😊
  1. Spanish
    In a restaurant in Paris with my parents, the waiter heard us speaking English quickly and asked me in French where we were from. I explained that we're visiting from America....but are originally from Pakistan. He was in complete disbelief and insisted that we were speaking Spanish / looked like Spaniards. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. Generally Latina, all the time
    This is a pretty common pass for me in the south side of Chicago tbh. Mexican / Puerto Rican / Colombian most commonly.
  3. Turkish
  4. Italian
  5. "Middle Eastern" "Arab"
    Middle eastern, yyyyyeah maybe Pakistan is talked about politically this way now, but geographically has always been South Asian. Pakistan is not included in the Arab countries, though, even if it has been influenced by their cultural practice of Islam in the past decade.
  6. Indian
    This is the most accurate of the mistakes you could make imo! Only a political/religious difference within our beautiful subcontinent. My grandparents were born in what is modern-day India, pre-partition.
  7. BONUS: my brother, much more darkskinned than I, has been mistaken for Zimbabwean, South African, generally African, South Indian, and literally none of the things I've been mistaken for! Wowza what a sweet world of colors and countries we live in.