Today is my last Back to Chicago Eve. In a quarter school system, September is the month for centering yourself at home again: replenishing your supplies and checking off doctors appointments, quietly revisiting your high school spots alone (while your remaining friends are away at normal semester school) to measure yourself to them from last year.
  1. Some hometown corners humble you with their unchanging: today I felt a ting of regret and guilt as I sipped iced tea across the cafe spot in Pittsburgh where I used to see with my then college guy crush, now boyfriend, after my SAT class.
    Everything looked the same, including the table where mom caught me lying about him and lectured me so hard that the heat of shame took two weeks to drain from my face.
  2. After a two day (two year?) roller coaster of apprehension about medicating, I started taking depression medication today and I just feel relieved that I am trying in another, necessary way.
  3. I met up with 3 friends I haven't talked to in over a year and surprisingly, the check-ins of "what have you been up to" were really, really nice and comforting.
  4. I didn't give clunky ass convoluted or patronizing answers to all my parents' friends about what I'm going to do when I graduate at the dinner party of all pakistani doctors
    And no one suggested law or medicine in return! Maybe bc I confused them or they gave up on me but w/e yippee
  5. I had the most amazing Kashmiri chai tonight, while wearing an equally amazing outfit 💯
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  6. An uncle at the party said "you've got to understand the pulse of the American people" at least four times to me in a corner, and likely six times more when I was out of the room, while insisting that the 2016 general election would be Biden vs Trump.
  7. Default discussion to Trump at dinner has made me ready to return one last time to the leftist bastion of college.
  8. One full day since my first chiropractor's appointment and I'm already standing straighter and taller. I remember what correct posture is again. 🏆
  9. I love you and needed you dearly, my rejuvenating, draining, limbo months of September summer.