These two weeks of midterms have been trash BUT I can feel that the end is near because, despite 2 hours of sleep last night, I felt happy about these small things:
  1. I turned in another paper today
    I was having a lot of anxiety about it and just feel relieved. I was sick for two days and it feels good to be back in my routine.
  2. My favorite holiday season begins RIGHT NOW
    HALLOWEEEEEEEEENNNNNNNNNN!! I just realized my nieces are old enough to go out for trick or treating with me! And then I'm gonna have an amazing last college Halloween! I love silly cute spooky times and my neighborhood of professors giving out candy with their magical homes built for Autumn. 🎃 and then thanksgiving will come, sweet joy I love fall. 🍂
  3. I looked great for two hours of sleep.
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    Here is the third selfie I've ever put out into the interwebs. Note that I drank half a nalgene by 2pm. Wow, me.
  4. I was overjoyed by how pretty my campus looks today.
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  5. I never tire of how relieved kicking leaves makes me. I am so close.
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