1. the iOS9 emoji scroll previews
    🎉 was an emoji I'd look for way too long, far too often, but now it is a little emoji preview sketch! thanks Jony Ive & Co! (omg Jony Ive auto-capitalizes)
  2. creative tip jar competition
    at my school, tend to do with competing philosophies/bourgeois vs proletariat/drake songs. these are like pre-dad dad jokes and I am a sucker for them.
  3. familiar faces in a daily coffee shop or route to class
    we don't have to know each other's names. home is a mental state.
  4. the weight of and font of and space between my MacBook Pro keys
    I used a different computer all summer for work and when I returned to my 6 year old MacBook this fall it was almost like returning to my childhood piano.