@louisa_rd Deserves the Best Day to Celebrate Her Presence on This Earth Because

happy birthday, sweet queen! welcome to 21 πŸŽ‰ feel free to add why you love louisa/your bday wishes!
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    She gives so much of herself, her kindness and thoughtfulness, to others, always
  2. β€’
    She shares what she loves - Zumba, her momma's freshly baked cookies, peppers in her bag - with those she hardly knows to give this tough school a lil more joy
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    She created a Twitter account for the library's toaster which inspired ALL the official librarian accounts to up their Twitter games and more humorously interact. If that isn't worth a fucking LinkedIn endorsement and a great birthday, idk what is. (@ExLibToaster)
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    She's hugged and steadied me through public panic attacks in my toughest quarter, all the while teaching me that it's Just Fine to claim a public spot on campus as your own by crying. A true Power Lady move if I've ever seen one.
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    She befriended the neighborhood children's bookstore specialist, giving all her loved ones a customized, carefully picked book for their personality. Kicking myself for not thinking of that signature-move-for-life first πŸ˜‰
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    She will dance out the pain of a bad week - through a bad knee - with us any day. I will remember this college dance partner for life.
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    She's the kind of gal who prioritizes family and friends first, and I'm sure misses them so dearly on her special day, even though she's in Spain.
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    She fits my hugs like a puzzle, and she cares like an old soul. Her kindness is no façade. People like Louisa, so genuine and committed to who and what they love, come few and far between.
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    Though you're a Midwestern Queen at heart, I hope Barcelona embraces you and this day to give you the best 21st you deserve! Only you could take me out of my list app hiatus~ πŸ’œ