merry #draftsmas to all, and to all a goodnight!
    that lifesaver mini golf!
  2. homestar runner!
    teen girl squad was the first webseries I ever knew and loved.
    I had a beautiful multicolored polka dot theme and learned HTML this way and was so bummed years later when I learned xanga deleted all of our defunct blogs without warning.
  4. the lonely island
    the second webseries I lived for.
    lmao I won a website caption banner contest once, but otherwise I remember checking tanster's blog rather than trying to win stuff. Jenny Tan was a nice lady with a humble but huge fan blog...enough to even have a cameo in the finale. her comment sections were essentially The Official Office Forums, hosting live Q&As w writers + pulling April Fools Pranks WITH NBC. in retrospect, damn. crazy now to imagine a fandom world without tumblr, right?