was pretty damn great.
  1. I woke up and staffed a Bernie Sanders event. He graduated from my school, "where he found socialism," in '64 and spoke in the same chapel he received his diploma. The chapel, the line around the block, and the overflow screening room was packed with energy and 4000+ sweaty bodies skipping class and work.
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  2. After 3 years of trying to get the art requirement to graduate in my schedule, I finally got it (!), AND have the possibility of switching to a class taught by living legend Chicago artist (and now professor) Theaster Gates (!!!!)
  3. My BA thesis seminar is taught by someone who focuses on early 20th century female comedians and humor's power in the suffrage movement. Fuck yeah!! and she let us out with two hours to spare!!!
    My section is me + 5 kinda rando, sorta creepy dudes in a closet classroom. I'm gonna bond so hard with my grad student comedy historian preceptor, it'll be awesome.
  4. I went to zumba!!??!
  5. Packed a real lunch for myself and cooked a healthy meal with chicken and asparagus. Amazing job, me.
  6. Cracked my phone screen from a mere one foot drop and processed it as punishment for being too indecisive about which phone case to buy this past week. I didn't let myself get mad. I'm still amazing and had apple care
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