New Music From Chicago You Should Listen to Now

Listen, we're all praying for Kanye to not mess SWISH up. But while he's been LA for a while now, here's the bright scene from Chicago you can fill your speakers and hearts with - beyond just the go-to Chance the Rapper.
  1. Jamila Woods, "blk girl soldier"
    You likely know her voice as the singer from Chance's "Sunday Candy." She signed to the Closed Sessions label and released this first single today! This poet and singer is also a community organizer and is inspired by music and chants from the Civil Rights movement. On repeat this evening:
  2. BJ The Chicago Kid ft Kendrick Lamar, "His Pain"
    BJ is so slept on. This song is beautiful.
  3. BJ The Chicago Kid covering D'Angelo "Untitled"
    Ok this isn't "new music" but it's a new cover and it's something special.
  4. Vic Mensa, "All That Shines"
    This is a few months old now but worth a shoutout. Vic is the BFF and co-leader of the SAVE MONEY crew with Chance. Worth giving all the musicians in Save Money a listen, tbh. Towkio is great too. Fun Fact: Vic used to be a barista at the most popular/best café in my college neighborhood (Z&H, Hyde Park, Chicago).