I'm a 20-something in a few hours, and here are the dramatic events that happened today that suddenly told me I am ready:
  1. For the very first time, I don't 'get' an Internet thing (the white-dreamy-boy-idol Vine community?)
    I read an article about a 20 year old vine star (by @stecklow) whose main jokes(?) center on him just calling himself a gringo. He looks like a baby skater boy riff raff. I feel a generation divide. He has 205K Twitter followers and a yahoo email address, and I am grandma-level flabbergasted. I actually hate this feeling but I dislike this kid's shtick more.
  2. I did my laundry in the morning(!) without my day/night/room collapsing. I put my clothes away neatly and still got to work on time. 🏆
  3. My nails and toes are painted and I ate a salad for lunch. 👑
  4. Rocked an important business meeting💃
  5. Submitted a pitch to a magazine for fun 🎉
  6. I'm not feeling overwhelmed about all the stuff on my to-do/to-email list, but excited.