'Sorry' by Justin Bieber Is a Useful Song Because

this one goes out to @jessee and @julianna
  1. Playing it quietly on repeat while you work all night helps maintain the feeling that you are scrolling through social media on your phone when you are instead doing your homework.
    We all have a sickness.
  2. The song didn't have much meaning to begin with, and doesn't lose any meaning with the fifteenth play.
    Or twentieth play. Thirtieth. Where does it start. Where does it end. I listened to this song in the background for hours and still only know the chorus, somehow, despite my knack for learning lyrics fast.
  3. The dance video is pure, immediate joy.
    I'm so excited to dance to this silly song this weekend. Is it Friday yet? These happy dancers made my whole study group want to take a break in our library room to stretch, body roll, thrust...
  4. Justin Bieber + Skrillex kept me awake throughout the night to finish this paper for the first time in...months...years. Thank you. Truly, wow.
    This song simultaneously fueled the all-nighters of 3 other friends. UChicago cheers your careful comeback, jbiebs
  5. I am totally fine to overuse this song for how I need it now, unafraid to get sick of it, cus as soon as I dispose of this song from my life a just-as-sugary replacement will come along.
    These meaningless songs are useful. My favorite hip hop discographies can't accompany every late night because what happens if I resent some of them by association? Being disposable is an important musical role. Thank you for giving me this, Max Martin & co. machine.
  6. That's it.
    Oh wait was this list more just a reflection on my mental state/midterms progress through song choice?? Yeah? Another great use for 'Sorry' by Justin Bieber. Thanks, lil Skrillex.