Thank You! I Made It!

if I tried to cover all of 2015 I out of bullet points. so I'll just talk about the past 4 months, which tried to beat me to a pulp. I truly did not think I would make it, but I did thanks to a thousand people who wouldn't let me give up. I know years are just a silly time construct but I have never been so ready for a new one to begin.
  1. Thank you, Carly Rae Jepsen
    for an album that would literally kick me out of bed and into the shower and make me move. I've never known music with such surprising magic. You deserve all the Grammys in my heart.
  2. Thank you, prednisone (steroid for migraine)
    for emergency lifting the crushing weight of a migraine a couple times this quarter. ya worked over time, for only $15 each time.
  3. Thank you, amazing mentor, Dillan
    still waiting for dj khaled to admit the realest 🔑: mentors are everything!!! none of us are self-made! this wonderful woman and former employer has guided me for the past 3 years. in my lowest mental health lows, she shared her struggles + recovery with me and guided me back to ✨the path of more success✨. I got to see her marry the love of her life, which gave big meaning to my semester. she is my Real Life DJ Khaled Snapchat.
  4. Thank you, Golden Friends.
    @jessee / @julianna / @louisa_rd and some beautiful friends not on the list app (@JennyJLee, when are we getting Mara to join) have carried my ass (literally, figuratively) through the darkest times, made sure I was fed, hugged me through panic attacks, and given me shoulders and couches to rest on. I struck a higher level of winning with the people I found in college. Julianna says we are always pulling each other to the finish line, and there's no team I'd rather be doing it with tbh.
  5. Thank you, Friends Afar.
    I know the light at the end of the tunnel is bright because my graduated friends are living the good life!! tbh they give me hope and a concrete, hopeful image in the gray abyss of Graduation. thank you for your care packages @Olivia and your rejuvenating bed + forever guidance @erinsimpson.
  6. Thank you, overall kind professors.
    I took v amazing classes this quarter and learned a lot. Happy about that.
  7. Thank you, supportive uchicago community.
    2015 was a rough year for a lot of people/this school is tough in general, which breeds an environment of general support imo rather than intense competition. Things like the manager of the library cafe coming in at 4:30AM during finals and bringing out free, fresh coffee and pastries for everyone; barista friends giving me tea or a larger size than I asked and good vibes in times of dire need really pushed me through sometimes. I'm a lucky kid and I'm glad I picked this place.
  8. Thank you, mom and dad
    I've said in earlier lists that I didn't tell them the full truth about depression in high school bc I was afraid they wouldn't let me leave for college. Now that our relationship is more honest, they're....struggling with worry, but amaze me with how supportive and loving they are. They bend over backwards to get medicine and food and lecture me til my ears fall off and haven't pressured me to go into medicine and aren't freaking out about my boyfriend so, I'm the goddamn luckiest kid.
  9. Thank you, Alek
    My boyfriend won't ever join the List App lol but he has been taking care of me and my health and my mental health as one of my closest friends since 2010. 🏆
  10. Thank you list app community
    I was sad to be on here less after my therapeutic Beta Summer, but you gotta do what you gotta do, I guess. from @olive's motivational DMs and @lgw / @AlexandraLouise's supportive comments to @hannieshit's patience w my forever postponing our meetup and this wonderfully-sized uchicago bubble on the List, I always found solace here. and some procrastination. but not too much.
  11. Thank you, Kanye West
    a discography that has pushed me through 10 finals weeks and counting. H.A.M will always force me to write the next sentence.