Inspired by @angusisley and @celeste
  1. Anytime I've taken over the playlist at a friend's party and danced to Beyoncé/rapped Nicki's verse from Monster/rapped any Kanye song
    This weekend I already know I'll add Sorry by jbiebs to this list
  2. Facilitating leadership workshops to high schoolers
    This is the best version of myself
  3. When I was mastermind-ing how I was gonna get my boyfriend to like me back in high school.
    honestly have no clue in retrospect where I pulled this strength and where this part of my personality went. feels bizarre to think about how sure of myself I was. being a teenager is dumb and great and I'm so relieved I never have to do it again.
  4. Presenting to groups of middle schoolers
    Happens occasionally and when it does, it's great. I love high-energy me.
  5. Networking when I was still a freshman/sophomore
    What I didn't know about my college-self yet meant that I wasn't plagued with doubt and nuance.
  6. After being a really great Abigail in The Crucible and p much any other wicked character on stage