Inspired by @OliviaMyszkowski and @sophia
  1. The Daily Show
    In elementary school we had a mock Bush v Kerry election and I was the only kid who voted Kerry, and I was called out on it. From 2000-2012, my family flipped from my dad shuffling about when Stephen Colbert made an oral sex joke, to me coughing and looking at my phone when Aasif Mandvi made a rim job joke. My fam owes Jon thanks for years of dinner table discussions and raising me politically in a small republican town.
  2. 60 Minutes
    The one program my mom used her veto power on TV for
  3. State of the Union addresses
  4. Sister, Sister
    My dad didn't watch cus he hated how all the characters in my tween TV shows talked to their parents. My mom hated Lizzie McGuire but loved Sister, Sister. She couldn't explain why. Cool mom, tho, right
  5. Seinfeld
  6. CNN
    hate-watching wolf blitzer; collective crush on anderson cooper
  7. The Office
    My parents wanted to watch my favorite TV show with me to bond, but only really liked Dwight. It's okay, it was a cute effort
  8. All the tennis, all the Steelers, all the Olympics (with accompanying debates about rhythmic gymnastics as a sport), and the World Cup.
    Born into watching, not always liking. The sounds of people yelling at the TV from downstairs as I sat in my room waiting for Sunday dinner is the sound of home.