"when that digital dropped" 12/13/2013 MIDNIGHT EST.
  1. Finals weeks around the country stopped for a night
  2. The album drop game changed
  3. And we all shrieked when we realized it was, indeed, Beyoncé rapping.
  4. I was in my sophomore year of college, finals of fall quarter. Thursday night.
    I had one paper left, for a course about black women in the U.S. Civil Rights movement. I was able to title my paper after a lyric, of course.
  5. I ran home from the library when I got the news and used iTunes for the first time in years to buy the visual album.
  6. @jessee was over at my apartment to give me a beautifully wrapped book for my "congrats you made it through the quarter / christmas" present.
    the sweetest tradition 💖
  7. @annabelle___, @jessee and I stopped our paper-writing for like, four hours, took celebratory shots of gin, and watched the entire album on our TV in stunned silence and joy. jaws dropped the whole time. shrieks. watery eyes. we knew we were watching THE GAME CHANGING in real time.
    that is my first memory of the three of us: the birth of our apartment trio (The Coven), and beginning of our apartment's signature drink (gin). Thanks, Bey.
  8. "I feel like I have post-concert depression and I didn't even go to a concert."
    Jessee's words as we somberly returned to our papers / Twitter at 4 fucking AM. (also shoutout Facebook memories for this quote, only thing you've ever been useful for.)
  9. honestly the NERVE of her to drop this and rattle the finals weeks of millions of her fans across the world.
    two years later I finally admitted this to the professor whose paper I turned in the next day. she agreed the all-nighter was worth it. yoncé was greater than us all.
  10. I truly will never tire of hearing anyone's story of where they were when they got the Beyoncé news.
  11. Please share your story and make my day.
    if you need more inspiration, sometimes I re-read @amilli and @aprilkquioh's story when I need a pick me up: WHY YOUR FAVE COULD ABSOLUTELY NEVER