Whenever I'm about to walk out the door, there's always a phone charger within sight that I could easily grab to ward off horrible, low battery disasters but I never do grab it.
  1. Ordering my hamburger/steak medium rare
    This could end so badly. Usually I ask for my meat cooked medium but it's always too dry and too dark and then I always regret not asking for medium rare. Then I do ask for medium rare and it's basically raw which means I'm probably just eating parasites. I don't know what to do.
  2. Not opening emails
    I have weird anxiety when it comes to opening/responding to emails that I know I have to open/respond to. However, I've been really fucked over in the past when this anxiety prevents me from reading an important email. Emails scare me.
  3. Subtweeting
    Either your word-stab will resonate with tons of Twitter users and hundreds of white, angsty, teenagers will retweet you or all your friends will make fun of you. Tough.